Channel 8 provides local cable television access for the community of Longmont, Colorado. Programming for Channel 8 includes local community highlight shows, Longmont City Council meetings, Planning & Zoning meetings, St. Vrain Valley School Board Meetings, election coverage, partnership programming with the police department and other community organizations, High School sports coverage, public access and acquired programs from various sources.
Mar 24, 2017
8:00 AM Mayor's Book Club
9:00 AM St. Vrain Sports Report
9:30 AM Behind the Badge Update
10:00 AM Road to Recovery
11:00 AM Rocky Mountain Adventure
2:00 PM St. Vrain Sports Report
2:30 PM Behind the Badge Update
3:00 PM Whole Child/El Nino Completo
5:00 PM Topics of Japan
6:00 PM St. Vrain Sports Report
6:30 PM Behind the Badge Update
7:00 PM NASA: Destination Tomorrow
8:00 PM American Cinema
9:00 PM National Parks
10:00 PM Songs from the Silo-Megan Burtt
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